• Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • A proven, research-based student retention and success system.

    Now your institution can reap the benefits of a customized, predictive, and affordable student success solution – and immediately use the information to focus attention on students who need it most.

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  • Easy to administer assessments that support the accreditation process.

    Academic program assessments are aligned with the indirect measures requirements of accrediting organizations for Nursing, Teaching, Business, and Engineering education programs.  Assessment suites include exit, alumni, and employer surveys.

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  • Quickly identify key areas for Student Affairs program improvements.

    Professionally-developed student affairs program assessments make it easy to launch program assessment initiatives.  Use powerful on-screen dashboards for peer benchmarking. Quickly identify key issues that need to be addressed first.

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The Catalyst for Continuous Improvement

  • Easy to Learn and Use

    Skyfactor products are designed to make it easy for you to get started, to quickly gain insights from the data, and to follow-up with interventions and improvements that are expected to yield the greatest results.

  • Research-Based & Rigorously Tested

    Our Analytics and Research team is continually evolving and testing the accuracy of Mapworks algorithms, and ensuring that Benchworks products are in alignment with accreditation standards.

  • Impeccable Client Support & Services

    We forge true partnerships with our clients -- understanding the institution's culture, and providing training and implementation plans that revolve around the needs of each institution.

  • Results that Speak for Themselves

    Skyfactor clients report increases in student retention, increased participation in student services, and an easier path to accreditation-focused reporting.

Our Complimentary Webinar Series

  • Taking Your Campus Pulse: Effective Strategies for Assessing Campus Climate

    Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

    Studying campus climate gives us insights into what we are doing well, where we’ve grown as a campus, and what we need to focus on. Campus climate studies are often not easy, so understanding the issue prior to starting is an important first step. This session will discuss varying definitions, benefits, and common concerns so that the decision to do a study is well-reasoned. Then, the session will focus on decision points, common pitfalls, steps in the process, and strategies to lay the ground work for a successful campus climate study.

  • Mapworks: Improving Student Success and Retention

    Thursday, April 2, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT

    Mapworks is a powerful student success and retention management solution that empowers colleges and universities to effectively and efficiently impact student success. During this brief demonstration you’ll learn how you and other professionals on your campus can utilize Mapworks to foster student success and facilitate students’ ability to make the most of their college experience. This webinar is intended for anyone who has been tasked with student success and retention efforts on campus.

  • Assessment & Benchmarking Made Easy for Nursing Programs

    Thursday, March 26, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

    If you are looking for an easier and more effective way to evaluate the performance of your nursing education programs, identify their contribution to professional standards and the greater institutional mission, and drive continuous improvement, please join us for this 45-minute session.


News & Articles

  • Why ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’ in Student Risk Prediction and Retention Strategies

    By: UB Custom Publishing Group | Feb 23 2015

    The goal of retaining students—and seeing them through to degree completion—has become the focus of numerous research initiatives, articles, technology solutions and intervention strategies. While most of the studies reach very different conclusions, most researchers seem to agree that no one factor holds the key to student persistence. How can higher education leaders accurately predict attrition risk using the same factors and weightings across all student cohorts and across a wide range of types of institutions? In this web seminar, presenters discussed the factors that should be considered when predicting risk for different types of institutions—and distinct student subgroups within each institution—and how continual monitoring and annual adjustments to the algorithms can have a positive impact on student retention rates.

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  • NIU outlines key initiatives in town hall meetings

    By: NIU Today | Jan 29 2015

    “Students who participate in MAP-Works return to NIU,” Birberick said. “The data shows they earn a higher GPA and successfully complete additional courses as a result of the additional support and assistance they receive."

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  • A Genuine Approach to Improving Student Participation in Assessments and Surveys

    By: Vanessa Patrick | Dec 15 2014

    In the Fall of 2013, the departments of Housing and Residence Life and First Year Experience at the University of West Georgia collaborated and created a successful partnership in an effort to increase the percentage of students who completed the MAP-Works Assessment survey. If you are unfamiliar with MAP-Works, it is a software system that empowers faculty and staff with the ability to identify at-risk students early in the term. By identifying these students early on, administrators, staff and faculty have a better chance of retaining and connecting at-risk students with the appropriate resources.

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  • Since adding the Mapworks program, we have been extremely pleased with the results. Stephanie Bernasconi, Associate Director of the Center for Student Success at USD