Employee Retention


Use data through a human-centered lens. See employees as individuals. Bring them into the conversation.

No one likes to be blindsided.

It’s an awful day when a high-performing employee says they are leaving. Losing your best people means losing your reliable winners, constant innovators, and most effective problem solvers. After all, employees are your most valuable asset.

But, reducing employee departures is hard.

You can’t anticipate who will leave.
If you knew who was at risk, you could do something about it.

You don’t know what will get them to stay.
It’s difficult to know where you should put your time, energy, and resources.

You don’t know what’s working.
You’ve tried surveys, recognition programs, training, development, and more.

You don’t know what to do next.
You don’t want to lose current performance and you want to figure out what’s next.

Meet Inspire

Data-driven and human-centered, Inspire is a breakthrough approach to employee retention and engagement.

Test key retention issues

We know the topics and how to measure them; let’s see what matters for your employees

Identify at-risk employees

Systematically spot employees who may leave while you can still make a difference

Take quick action

Engage in personalized interventions

Keep top talent

Save time, pain, and cost

Engage all employees

Understand what’s missing from their experiences

Ensure long-term success

Create an environment where employees are engaged, productive, and happy

The Skyfactor Difference

We know our employees are valuable. We all know efforts to retain and engage them are vital. But in the era of the Great Resignation, our current approaches to improving their experience aren’t enough. It’s time for something different.

For more than two decades, Skyfactor has used data and research to understand humans and make a difference in their lives. Our newest offering, Inspire, applies that human-centered approach to employee retention.

Rooted in Research

Skyfactor’s Analytics and Research Team has been researching behavioral science for more than two decades. Their work is at the heart of Inspire.

Driven by Data

Inspire uses predictive analytics to identify and test leading indicators of employee retention. You get to focus on the issues that are most important to your employees.

Focused on Action

Inspire gives you timely indicators of at-risk employees. You get actionable data when it can make a difference in their experience.

Tailored to You

Companies and employees are distinct. We adjust Inspire to the unique reality and objectives of your company.

Continuously Improving

Human experiences are not static; they evolve through time. Skyfactor’s approach to research ensures that Inspire adapts as your company changes.

Inspire in Action


  • Conduct initial research to understand your company.
  • Fit Inspire to your company and your employees.
  • Apply our paths and guides to ensure the load is manageable.


  • Launch a custom employee survey to gather baseline data.
  • Identify key issues and at-risk employees with predictive analytics.
  • Understand where your company and employees are.


  • Take action based on the results.
  • Implement a plan to measure the impact.
  • Launch a cycle of continuous improvement.

We know what you’re thinking.

It’s harder than ever to move the needle on employee retention. And, all of these solutions start to sound the same quickly. If any of these thoughts are on your mind, hover over the question to discover why we’re different.

We already survey our employees.

Typical engagement surveys are focused on company goals and organizational issues like benefits and training programs. Inspire is different. Inspire is designed with a focus on individual employee needs.


The results have to be anonymous.

Anonymous data points to trends but doesn’t identify who is having issues. Inspire’s approach to identifying individual employees enables personalized interventions and solutions.

Our employees won’t participate.

Employees want to be heard. Inspire’s assessment covers topics that employees care about. Skyfactor’s years of research show that humans share non-anonymous feedback about issues they care about, especially when it’s used to make a meaningful difference in their experiences.

We can give employees raises to retain them.

You only have so much money to go around. Small raises only lead to small-term benefits. Investing in other areas will have a bigger long-term impact. Inspire can point you to what those areas are for your employees.

Our managers are already too busy.

Good managers are already having these conversations with their employees. Inspire provides data, language, and structure to make these conversations more productive and impactful.

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