Below, David Mckelfresh, Executive Director of Assessment and Research at Colorado State University shares his experience with Benchworks Resident Assessments and the impact they’ve made.

“It became apparent over 15 years ago that data-informed decisions would become increasingly important.”

“Benchworks saves time, is very accessible, is easy to navigate and understand, and provides strong support for decision-making regarding programs and services.”

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As the official assessment partner of AACN, hundreds of nursing programs rely on Benchworks for insights into their programs’ outcomes aligned to AACN accreditation. Below, Libba McMillan of Auburn University shares her experience with Benchworks assessments in their nursing program.

“I have been an accreditation site visitor for about 18 years. Being able to look at assessment from the programmatic standpoint is also pivotal for my role as an educator. You have to know how to capture outcomes as well as describe and improve process—so you are constantly assessing as a nurse and as a nurse educator”

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